Casual vacancies at Guisborough Town Council

Guisborough Town Council - Belmont Parish Ward and Hutton Parish Ward
As Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council has received a written request from TEN eligible electors from each of the above Parish Areas; The Returning Officer can confirm that a by election to fill each of these vacancies on the Town Council must be held in accordance with The Local Election (Parishes and Communities) Rules 2006.
These rules specify that an election is to be held within 60 days of receiving said request. However due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, emergency legislation has been passed postponing elections and referendums that would take place between the date the act was passed (25th March 2020) and 5th May 2021. More information can be found under sections 59 - 63 of the Coronavirus Act 2020.
These by elections will take place as requested, but are postponed until 6th May 2021. Further information will be supplied by the Local Authority closer to the time.